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Gateways to Annihilation(2000)

Gateways to Annihilation is the sixth studio album by the death metal band Morbid Angel.

This album saw a change in musical style as the speed-laden intensity of the previous album Formulas Fatal to the Flesh was abandoned for a slower, more droning style, reminiscent of Blessed Are the Sick. This is also the first album in which Steve Tucker contributed lyrics and music to the band.

Dan Seagrave painted the album cover.

[edit]Track listing

Morbid Angel - Kawazu + Summoning Redemption

Morbid Angel - Ageless, Still I Am

Morbid Angel - He Who Sleeps

Morbid Angel - To The Victor, The Spoils

Morbid Angel - At One With Nothing

Morbid Angel - Opening Of The Gates

Morbid Angel - Secured Limitations

Morbid Angel - Awakening

Morbid Angel - I

Morbid Angel - God Of The Forsaken

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Heretic is the seventh studio album by the death metal band Morbid Angel. This would be their last under Earache Records, as the band decided not to renew its contract, and the last to feature bassist/vocalist Steve Tucker.

The album was recorded at Diet of Worms Studios by Juan Gonzalez. Heretic is the first Morbid Angel album that was not recorded at Morrisound Recording.

The second track, "Enshrined By Grace", is featured on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre soundtrack. It also had a music video which received airplay in the months following the album release.

The song "Born Again" is actually the outro guitar solo from the song "Secured Limitations" off Gateways to Annihilation.

Morbid Angel "Cleansed in Pestilence" Live

Morbid Angel - Cleansed In Pestilence (The Blade Of Elohim)

morbid angel - enshrined by grace

Morbid Angel - Beneath The Hollow (vox cover)

Morbid Angel curse the flesh

morbid angel praise the strength

Stricken Arise

Morbid Angel - Place of Many Deaths

Morbid Angel - Abyssous

morbid angel god of our own divinity

Morbid Angel - Day of Suffering / Within Thy Enemy (Live in Zagreb 2004)

Morbid Angel - Within Thy Enemy

memories of the past ~ MORBID ANGEL

Victorious March of Reign the Conqueror

Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel) Drum Check

Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel) Drum Check

Morbid Angel- Born Again(secured limitations lava)