Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Motörhead - Sacrifice

Overnight Sensation(1996)

Motorhead-Civil War live at Wacken 2004 HQ

Motörhead - Civil War

Motörhead- Crazy Like a Fox

Motörhead - I Don`t Believe A Word

Motörhead - Eat the Gun

Motörhead - Overnight Sensation

Motörhead - Love Can't Buy You Money (Studio Version)

Motörhead - Broken Live

Motörhead - Broken

Motörhead - Them Not Me

Motörhead - Murder Show

Motörhead - Shake the World

Motörhead - Listen To Your Heart

Motörhead - Love For Sale

Motörhead - Dogs Of War

Motorhead - Dogs of war

Motörhead - Snake Bite Love

Motörhead - Assassin

Motörhead - Assassin

Motörhead - Take the Blame

Motorhead dead and gone

Motörhead - Night Side

Motörhead - Don't Lie To Me

Motörhead - Joy of Labour

Motörhead - Desperate for You

Motörhead - Better Off Dead

We Are Motörhead(2000)

Motörhead See me Burning

Motörhead-Slow dance (with lyrics)

Motorhead - Slow Dance

Motörhead - Stay Out of Jail

Motörhead - God Save The Queen

Motörhead - God Save The Queen

Motörhead - Out to Lunch

Motörhead Wake the dead

"One More F*cking Time" -- Motörhead

Motörhead - One More Fucking Time

Motörhead - Ace Of Spades Live(Stage Fright)

Motörhead - Stagefright/Crash And Burn

Motörhead - (Wearing Your) Heart on Your Sleeve

Motörhead - We Are Motörhead (Live 2000)

Motorhead We are Motörhead


Motorhead Walk a crooked mile

Motörhead - Down the Line

Motörhead - Brave New World

Motorhead Voices from the War

Motorhead-Mine all Mine

SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!! motorhead

Motorhead-Kill The World

Motörhead Dr Love

Motörhead Red Raw

Motörhead - Serial Killer

Bonus Tracks:Motorhead - The Game - Triple H

Motorhead - the game

Motörhead - Overnight Sensation


Motörhead - Terminal Show

Motörhead - Killers

Motörhead - In The Name Of Tragedy

Motorhead - In The Name Of Tragedy

Motörhead - Suicide

Motörhead - Life's A Bitch

Motörhead - Down On Me

Motorhead - In The Black

Motörhead - Fight (with lyrics)


Motörhead - In the year of the wolf (Lyrics)

Motorhead- Keys to the Kingdom

Motörhead - Smiling Like A Killer

Motorhead - Smiling Like A Killer

Motörhead - Whorehouse Blues

Kiss of Death(2006)

Motorhead - Sucker

Motörhead - One Night Stand

Motörhead - Devil I Know

Motörhead - Trigger

Motörhead - Under The Gun

Motörhead - God Was Never On Your Side

Motörhead - Living In The Past

Motörhead - Christine

Motorhead - Sword Of Glory (Guitar Cover)

Motörhead - Sword Of Glory

Motörhead - Be My Baby

Motorhead - Be My Baby

Motörhead - Kingdom Of The Worm

Motörhead - Going Down


Motörhead Runaround man with a drawing

Motörhead - Runaround Man

Motörhead - Teach You How To Sing The Blues

Motörhead - When The Eagle Screams

Motörhead - Rock Out

One Short Life - Motorhead

Motörhead - Buried Alive

Motörhead - English Rose

Motörhead - Back On The Chain

Heroes - Motorhead

Time Is Right - Motorhead

The Thousand Names of God - Motorhead

Indian Music:Ghazal

Indian Music :
Ghazal Legend  Jagjit Singh who Mesmerized Music Lovers for over Four Decades died due to Brain Hoemoorrage .The 70 Years old Singer Who Rediscovered the Ghazal Genre for the Common
Indian in 70 's and 80 's.

The Wörld Is Yours(2010)

Motörhead - Born to Lose (New Song)

Motorhead - I Know How To Die

Motorhead - Get Back in Line

MOTORHEAD - Devils In My Head [HD] The World Is Yours [2010]

Motorhead - Rock N Roll Music

Motorhead - Waiting For The Snake

Motorhead - Brotherhood of Man (Lyrics)

Motorhead - Brotherhood of Man

Motorhead - Outlaw

Motorhead - I Know What You Need

Motorhead - Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye