Friday, October 14, 2011

Kill This Person :Killer Of John Lennon

 Kill David Chapman...

Blogger s Special:Portrait of John Lennon

 Hi friends do you know?one of my hobby is painting also...few years ago i had drawn this portrait of John Lennon  is One of my favorite Artist

This Painting is dedicated to all the fans of Lennon and Music lovers and Artists.If John Lennon is alive I will try to present  his Portrait To Him.And John Lennon's Imagine Song  I like very Much It s Great-Song with Philosophical Touch and This-Track is Always My Favorite.


Motörhead Motörhead: Live(the best version)

Motörhead - Motörhead

Motörhead-Vibrator [1977-with Lyrics]

Motörhead-Lost Johnny [1977-with Lyrics]

Motörhead -Iron Horse/Born to lose [1977-with Lyrics]

Motorhead-White Line Fever(Studio Version)

Motörhead-Keep us on the Road [1977-with Lyrics]

Motörhead-The Watcher [1977-with Lyrics]

Motörhead-Train kept A' Rollin' [1977-with Lyrics]

Motörhead-City Kids [1977-with Lyrics]

Motörhead - "Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers"

Motorhead-On Parole (lyrics) 1977

Motörhead - Motörhead

Motörhead-Intro [1977]

Motörhead-I'm your Witch Doctor [1977-with Lyrics]


Overkill - Motorhead

Motorhead - Overkill (live) Full HD

Motorhead - Stay Clean

Motorhead-Stay Clean (lyrics) 1979

Motörhead - I won´t pay your price

MOTORHEAD (I Won't) Pay Your Price.wmv

Motorhead-I'll Be Your Sister (lyrics) 1979

Motörhead-I`ll be your sister

Motorhead - Capricorn Live


Motorhead - No Class (live Wacken) Official Video * High Quality

Motörhead - No Class

Motörhead - Damage Case Live

Motorhead-Damage Case (lyrics) 1979

Tear Ya Down - Motorhead

Motorhead-Tear Ya Down (lyrics) 1979

Metropolis - Motorhead

Motörhead - Limb From Limb

Reissue bonus tracksToo Late, Too Late - Motorhead


Motörhead - Like A Nightmare (B-side of No Class)

Motörhead - Louie Louie

Motörhead-Tear ya down(Instrumental)

Motörhead - Louie Louie (Alternate Version)

Bomber(Original album)1979